15 Things To Do Instead of Eating Out of Boredom

  • December 13, 2016
15 things to do instead of eating out of boredom list

We all know that food is fuel, and we should eat when we’re hungry. But what about the times when you are not really hungry and just looking for something to do? That’s what we call my friends, the “danger zone”, and we’re here to tell you what you can instead of just “eating out of boredom”.

If you find yourself strolling to the fridge searching for a snack when you have nothing else going on, take a step back and think about how you’re feeling at that moment. Are you bored? Tired? Stressed out? Procrastinating something else you should be doing? Looking for a pick me up? If you are actually hungry, listen to your body and fuel it with the nutrients it needs. If you’re not, then put down the ice cream and distract yourself with one of the items on our list. You will not only feel satisfied because you won’t be over eating, but you will feel accomplished and motivated with your new routine, new habits and new YOU!

We would love to hear what YOU like to do to satisfy these false feelings of hunger, comment below with your best tactics of not eating out of boredom!

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